The association consists of three categories of members:

Ordinary members

The following basic conditions must be fulfilled to become an ordinary member:

  1. Professional residence in Switzerland and activity as an patent attorney and/or trademark attorney;
  2. Engage in this activity as an independent counsel, the interpretation of the independence thereof to be according to the rules of FICPI;
  3. Owner or associate of an independent or wholly-owned company, employee of such an independent or wholly-owned company while acting in a managerial or responsible capacity, or employee of such an independent or wholly-owned company of which the owner or one of the associates is a member of the association;
  4. Practice in a loyal, honest and collegial manner and not have been subject to a legally-valid administrative sanction due to his or her professional conduct;
  5. One at least of the following special conditions must also be fulfilled in order to obtain the status of ordinary member, more precisely as:

 ASPTA Patent Attorney / Conseil en Propriété Industrielle ASCPI

Presence on the list of patent attorneys kept by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property or the list of professional representatives before the European Patent Office and prove at least three years’ experience in Switzerland before the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, or prove equivalent training.

ASPTA Trademark Attorney

Proof of full legal studies in Switzerland or abroad, at least five years’ experience in trademark law in Switzerland before the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, as well as a practice mainly in the field of trademark law.


Junior members

Candidate Patent or Trademark attorneys in training with an ordinary member, as well as Patent or Trademark attorneys who do not yet have the necessary minimum years of practice may become junior members. A junior member may be admitted as an Ordinary member provided a request is made and the conditions therefor are fulfilled.


Veteran members

Ordinary members who cease their professional practice may be nominated as Veteran members upon their request.

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