The managing committee consists of the president, the vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary and at least one other member. Their term of office is two years. They may be re-elected. With the exception of the president and the vice-president, the committee is self-constituting.

 President  Harry Frischknecht
 Isler & Pedrazzini AG
 Vice-President  Barbara Gehri
 P&TS Marques SA
 Treasurer  André Braun
 Braunpat Braun Eder AG
 Secretary  Sven Capol
 E. Blum & Co. AG
 Member  Louis Lagler
 Member  Silvan Latscha
 Latscha Schöllhorn Partner AG
 Member  Andrea Manola
 Katzarov SA



 ExCo Delegate  Dany Vogel
 Alternate Delegate  Christoph Müller
 Hepp Wenger Ryffel AG



The general assembly must be called by the committee as the ordinary assembly of the association at least once a year.


The mediation organ may be called upon to settle disputes between members or between members and third parties. It shall only act upon request. The request must be presented to the president, who shall pass it on. The mediation organ shall try to bring the parties to an amicable agreement. It is not qualified to issue decisions.

 Representative  Peter Rigling
 Troesch Scheidegger Werner AG
 Substitute  Bruno Meyer
 Schneider Feldmann AG



The association tribunal treats complaints against members by another member of the association or a third party because of behaviour contrary to the rules of conduct. It may issue decisions intended to put an end to situations contrary to the rules of conduct and may impose association sanctions. It does not rule on other claims between parties.

 President  André Werner
 Troesch Scheidegger Werner AG
 Member  Jean François Léger
 Kirker & Co. SA
 Member  Michel Seehof
 Amman Patentanwälte AG
 Substitute  Jacques Troesch
 Troesch Scheidegger Werner AG
 Substitute  Tarik Kapic
 Bovard SA



The statutory auditors consist of two auditors and one substitute auditor. The auditors examine the yearly accounts, report to the general assembly and submit proposals.

 Auditor 1  Michael Störzbach
 Ammann Patentanwälte AG
 Auditor 2  Christoph Fraefel
 Schaad, Balass, Menzl & Partner
 Substitute  vacant